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1,5,2,4-Dioxadithiane 2,2,4,4-tetraoxide (MMDS)
[Chemical Name]:

1,5,2,4-Dioxadithiane 2,2,4,4-tetraoxide


Cyclic disulfonic ester, methylene methanedisulfonate

[CAS No.]:


[Structure Formula]:
[Molecular Formula]:


[Molecular Weight]:



White powder

[Purity ( Assay ) ]:

99.90% min (HPLC)

[Melting Point℃]:



 200ppm max 

[Other impurity ]:

 Not detected 


It can be used as a drug for treatment of leukemia and other animal preparations , Add a MMDS battery has good performance of high temperature cycle , Suitable for power battery, especially the power battery of lithium manganese oxide as positive electrode materials ,
MMDS can prevent Mn melting temperature adsorption in the cathode surface , Inhibition of the impedance rise, effectively improving the cycle characteristics, can greatly increase the cycle life.


In net weight 25kgs fibre drum

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