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[Chemical Name]:


[CAS No.]:


[Structure Formula]:
[Molecular Formula]:


[Molecular Weight]:



White crystals

[Purity ( Assay ) ]:

99% min 

[Melting Point℃]:



0.2% max

[Flash point ]:

88 ºC

[Boiling Piont ]:

214°C at 760 mmHg

[Stability ]:

Stable, but air and light-sensitive. Incompatible with strong bases, strong reducing agents, strong oxidizing agents.


p-Chlorobenzaldehyde is not only the intermediate of tebuconazole fungicides, plant growth regulators uniconazole but also the intermediate of insecticide chlorfenapyr. In medicine it can be used as the intermediate of chlormezanone and dapsone aminobutyric acid and dye intermediates. 
It can be used for the manufacturing of sedative chlormezanone and dye Acid Brilliant Blue 6B, etc.
In pesticide field, it can be used for the manufacturing of chlorine cinnamic aldehyde and weeding agent.
It can be applied to organic synthesis for making triphenylmethane and dye related intermediate.


In net weight 250kg plastic drum 

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